Intern Needed!

I’m looking for an intern who loves to read books for children, especially middle grade and young adult, and is interested in picture books as well. If you’re a fan of books by MT Anderson, Mary Pearson, Nancy Farmer, Gennifer Choldenko, or Jack Gantos; if you couldn’t put When You Reach Me, The Westing Game, or Shade’s Children down -- your tastes and mine will likely be a good fit. This internship is remote so you don’t need to live in NYC, and it’s a 10 hour a week commitment.

Send an e-mail to Explain why you want the internship and something about yourself, or include a resume if you have one (but it's not necessary). Include two lists: the last ten books you read and your ten favorite books of all time.

There are usually a great many applicants and the application period will close fairly quickly: watch this space and twitter (@susanhawk) for details.


  1. I read WHEN YOU REACH ME in an afternoon because I couldn't stand not knowing what was going on! (Normally, when I'm reading a book I love, I force myself to put it down so it'll last longer:) ) I wish I had more time right now...

  2. Don't I wish I had more time right now, too. Westing Game is one of my all time favorites. Maybe I'll go read it again . . . :)

  3. Shared this on twitter. Hope you find the right person for the job!