So happy to report that THE INFINITY YEAR OF AVALON JAMES has *starred review* attention from Kirkus Reviews!  They say:

"It’s Avalon’s 11th year—her Infinity Year—the brief period when she and her very best friend, Atticus, will discover and be able to use their shared magic power.

Or that’s what Atticus’ grandfather has told them, and the two credulous children believe him. It will be a year of excruciating challenges for Avalon (who, like Atticus, is depicted as a dark-haired white figure on the cover). Her father is in prison, and everyone in her small school is aware of her shame. She’s relentlessly bullied by classmate Elena and her pair of minions. Her beloved cat goes missing. A week later, Atticus dreams of where the cat may be trapped. When the dream turns out to be unfathomably correct, they’re both sure Atticus has acquired his magic. One of the few highlights of Avalon’s year is when she shares spelling-bee honors with a seventh grader and is bound for the regionals. Then she unwittingly reveals Atticus’ painful secret—that he wets the bed—and the story is shared schoolwide. Atticus abandons her; without his gentle, insightful support, Avalon retaliates against Elena with devastating consequences. All these painfully acquired life lessons are related in Avalon’s genial, evocative voice, convincingly illuminating many of the issues of a year that can offer infinite possibilities, even if the magic is imagined.

A fine, tenderly nuanced tale of the remarkable power of friendship."

I couldn't agree more!  Congratulations to debut author, Dana Middleton for this lovely review, and even lovelier book.  To see the full review, click here.

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Announcing a Deal - SONG OF THE CURRENT by Sarah Tolcser

I'm so very pleased to announce the sale of Sarah Tolcser's SONG OF THE CURRENT.  This is an absolutely marvelous YA fantasy debut. If you like books set on the high sea, that include a daring, confident female main character, plenty of adventure and just enough romance -- then this is the book for you!  SONG OF THE CURRENT in the series is coming next year.

Please join me in congratulating author Sarah Tolcser and Catherine Onder at Bloomsbury Children's!

You can find Sarah here!


Hooray for BABY LOVES SCIENCE!  These genius books explain complicated science in the simplest of terms, perfect for baby and young readers (Moms and Dads may learn a thing or two as well).  The first two books in the series, pictured below, tackle Aerospace Engineering and Quarks.  I'm happy to announce the sale of the next two titles, BABY LOVES THERMODYNAMICS! and BABY LOVES QUANTUM PHYSICS!, also illustrated by Irene Chan, coming next Fall.

Please join me in congratulating author Ruth Spiro and Alyssa Pusey at Charlesbridge!

You'll find Ruth here, and Charlesbridge here.


Announcing a Deal - JUNIPER LEMON'S HAPPINESS INDEX by Julie Israel

I'm so happy to announce the sale of Julie Israel's YA novel, JUNIPER LEMON'S HAPPINESS INDEX, in a two book deal to Kathy Dawson at Penguin Books for Young Readers!  This is a novel that made me cry as often as it made me cackle with laughter, and I can't wait for it to be out in the world for everyone to read -- that should be next summer.

Please join me in congratulating Julie and Kathy!

You can find Julie here, and Kathy here.


Happy Publication Day to Amanda Ashby's DATING THE GUY UPSTAIRS!

New from Amanda Ashby, author of DATING THE GUY NEXT DOOR...


Young librarian Riley Harris has always maintained her independence, leaving the drama of love to anyone silly enough to fall for it. Her Jane Austen novels are as close as she cares to get to “true love.” Luckily, her handsome upstairs neighbor—and landlord—Will Henderson feels the same way. 

Since his ex-fiancĂ© crushed his heart, Will devotes himself to charity in an effort to atone for the misdeeds of his wealthy, ruthless father. So when Will needs a date for his brothers high-society wedding, he asks Riley to be his faux girlfriend. 

After a spontaneous kiss throws both Riley and Will for a loop, they find themselves fighting their mutual pride and prejudice against love. And when Riley is rocked by something from Will's past, both will need to decide whether to follow their heads or their hearts...

And don't miss the Amanda's January 2016 novel, DATING THE GUY UPSTAIRS, also available now.

Congratulations to Amanda Ashby!
You can find Amanda on Facebook and her own site.

Happy Publication Day to Jen Swann Downey’s NINJA LIBRARIANS: SWORD IN THE STACKS!

Well, hello June 7th – otherwise known as Pub Day for book two in the NINJA LIBRARIANS series by Jen Swann Downey, SWORD IN THE STACKS!  And, as Kirkus Reviews says, there’s “never a dull moment in this lybrary school!

Fans of Dorrie, her brother Marcus and best-friend Ebba will be delighted to continue the adventures in this second book in the NINJA LIBRARIAN series.  After stumbling upon the secret society of time-traveling ninja librarians, Dorrie has finally joined Petrarch's Library as an apprentice!  One day, she'll actually go on missions to rescue people whose words have gotten them into trouble.  For now she's taking some interesting classes:

First and Last Aid: When Nobody Else is Coming
Spears, Axes, and Cats: Throwing Objects with Precision and Flair
Codes, Invisible Inks, and Smoke Signals: Keeping Secrets 101

But on a training mission to 1912 England, Dorrie finds herself dangerously close to a member of the Stronghold, the Library's biggest enemy.  This is her opportunity – Dorrie can spy on the enemy, find the missing key and become a real Lybrarian!  But if she makes a mistake, Dorrie could lead their enemy right to the very place she's trying to save, and everyone she cares about.

If you love fast-paced adventure, history or inventive imaginary worlds, SWORD IN THE STACKS, and the first NINJA LIBRARIANS novel, THE ACCIDENTAL KEYHAND, are for you!

To buy copies of SWORD IN THE STACKS, click here:

For the complete Kirkus review, click here.

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Happy Publication Month to Felicia Chernesky's THE BOY WHO SAID NONSENSE!

Congratulations to Felicia Chernesky, for the publication of her sixth picture book, THE BOY WHO SAID NONSENSE, out earlier this month!

Tate is different, and not just because he came from a pumpkin patch. He loves numbers, especially the number eleven, and he can count lots of things just by looking at them! But all this counting makes most people think Tate talks nonsense. Tate never seems to mind, but his brother does. No one seems to understand the way his mind works―until his older brother makes a connection and helps the whole family see things from Tate's perspective.

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