For details about the kinds of books I represent, please click the Clients tab on this site, and you can see what the Authors and Illustrators I work with are up to.

For a comprehensive list of the kind of projects I'd like to see, please go to Wishlist, also on this site. To check out my favorite non-client books and illustrators please go to my Pinterest page.

For more about Upstart Crow Literary, click here.

If you'd like to submit a query, please:
  • Email a query letter and twenty pages of your manuscript to susanhawk.submission@gmail.com.
  • Please put your query and sample in the body of the email. I will not open emailed attachments.
  • Author-Illustrators: Please include a link to your online portfolio and/or to your downloadable dummy.
  • Unfortunately, I can only consider submissions that arrive via email, and won't be able to read anything that arrives by mail.  Thank you for your understanding.
Once your submission is received, an automated response will be emailed to you.  It is my goal to respond to every query.  If you don't receive a response within a month, please resend your query and indicate you are sending it again.

I'm grateful that you entrust me with your work and take seriously the opportunity to consider it.  Thank you for sharing your project!