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This fall was the debut for two wonderful picture books from a new series, BABY LOVES SCIENCE.  BABY LOVES THERMODYNAMICS and BABY LOVES QUARKS are utterly charming (I'm biased of course, but really -- who could resist these books?!).  The text, by my client Ruth Spiro, is smart, funny, and rock solid science.  Now I finally understand what quarks are!  The illustrations that accompany the text are colorful and sweet, featuring two of the most irresistible kids you could hope to meet in the pages of a book.  These truly are perfect books for the toddler set.  And I'm not the only one who thinks so -- here's a list of the praise that we've received so far!

Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering!

ILLINOIS READS 2017 selection for Birth – 4 Years  (Baby Loves Quarks!)
Under the auspices of the Illinois Reading Council, ILLINOIS READS is a yearly statewide project to promote reading for all Illinois citizens. Beginning with read aloud books for babies, 6 books will be selected for each additional age band through adult readers.
LA Times HolidayBooks Gift Guide: The hottest books for young adults, middle-graders and gorgeous new picture books (2016)
There’s plenty to engage young children in these simple books (part of the Baby Loves series) that introduce basic science ideas and science vocabulary. The book titles are probably more for the adults than the young children for whom these board books are intended!
SLJ/Fuse #8 by Betsy Bird
"Okay now.  Before you start with the eye rolling, hear me out.  Have you ever actually read these books?  I know they look like a science-y version of Cozy Classics or other adult concepts siphoned down to board book formats.  Go into them, though, and they’re clever.  Just big concepts made palatable.  The titles may have a shock effect, but the contents are worth considering.  Plus we don’t have much in the way of science-related board books AT ALL these days."
American Scientist
STEM Books for Young Children
"I applaud this series of board books for attempting to bring some complicated topics down to a very introductory level.  Using cute and colorful illustrations, these books rely on the familiar to explain the unfamiliar....if you're looking for baby books that at least bring up the subject of physics and engineering as normal aspects of everyday life, these are a great place to start!"

The Planetary Society
(Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering!)
"It's a relief to have one baby space book to recommend that does not just list all the planets. This adorable baby board book talks about how Bird can fly, then asks if airplanes fly like birds? (No!) But at least Bird can commiserate with the airplane that neither can go to space. In the end, the bird gets to take a rocket into space. Have fun, bird!"

The Blade (Toledo)
"Part of the Baby Loves Science series, these are “little books about big ideas.” In Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering, Baby learns the dynamics of flight by watching a bird fly, and discovers how engines and fuel make flight possible for planes and rockets. In Baby Loves Quarks, Baby learns that quarks are the building blocks of nature, that atoms and molecules compose the world, including Baby! These colorful board books are an inviting introduction to all things science and math."
"I don't know that I've ever been as impressed with a board book as I am with this one. No, it doesn't quite appeal to my normal cheesy humor nor am I totally blown away by the illustrations (the usual positive reviews I include in my favorite board books), but MAN does it explain nuclear physics on the perfect level for young toddlers! ...Or, you know, man, does it explain physics for the regular layman such as myself (blush).

"Okay, but really, it's a perfectly short, concise explanation of the building blocks of nature, while working in the perfectly relatable story of a baby building with blocks. My own daughter LOVES building blocks and knocking them down so I really think this book connects with its target audience well and provides subtle (and super awesome) education at the same time. And don't get me wrong, the illustrations are still cute and help explain the science. Overall, awesome book, and I'm looking forward to reading Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering next!"
"No one is too young to experience S.T.E.M.  Babies and toddlers have a natural curiosity that leads them to taste, touch, explore and experiment with everything around them.  While this can make childcare a little hectic, parents can easily encourage children by asking and answering questions, describing things to increase vocabulary, and allowing children to play safely with a variety of household items.  A new board book series called “Baby Loves” by Ruth Spiro captures the enthusiasm for S.T.E.M. In Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering, simple sentences and colorful, bright illustrations present questions and answers about things that fly – birds, airplanes, and a rocket. Andrea Beatty’s picture books — Ada Twist, Scientist, Rosie Revere, Engineer and Iggy Peck, Architect – are also good introductions for younger listeners."

The Library Voice – Shannon Miller
"I love how Ruth takes our young readers on an adventure in science through these adorable board books.They will relate to them with the sweet illustrations and be engaged while... learning about so many important STEM topics.  These will be a BIG hit in learning and reading at school and home."
"If you think about it, most things we do on a daily basis can be turned into science, especially when coupled with an explanation.  From pouring water from one cup to another (different sized cups are great for volume), laundry (physics of the spinning clothes), baking (chemistry), bubbles (surface tension), our bodies (biology), and the environment, we can always find something scientific to engage the kids in even when they are babies.

"It is never too early to become an engineer or chemist!  With these adorable board books, babies will love learning the basics of flight and particle physics and chemistry giving them the head start they need.  Featuring friendly, simple text, cheerful illustrations and facts, these books are the perfect fun introduction to chemistry, physics and engineering.

"My kids and I adore this Baby Loves Science series of books.  There are currently two books in the series and a new one is coming out in the coming months called Baby Loves Quantum Physics.

"As the author of the  Baby Loves Science series of board books, Ruth Spiro’s goal has been to learn as much as she can about science, and also about how parents and caregivers can turn everyday experiences into fun, informal learning opportunities for their little ones.  Check these out for your STEM loving, curious little readers!"

"The books are well-crafted for their young audience, with bright colors, adorable illustrations of babies and subject matter that is tailor-made to young children's interests. In "Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering!" (Don't laugh too much at the title -- it's actually pretty fun!), a baby notices a bird, and, in short, simple sentences, concepts of aeronautics are taught: "The top of her wing is curved. The bottom of her wing is flat." These concepts are then expanded upon as the baby plays with a toy airplane and learns about rockets.

"Baby Loves Quarks" is even more fun, as the concept of atoms being the building blocks of matter is compared to, what else, but actual building blocks. Little children will love the adorable illustrations of protons and neutrons holding hands as they unify to create an atom, and they'll love the concept of scientists smashing a nucleus as the baby smashing his block tower is shown!

"These books are a fun way to introduce little ones to scientific concepts."
"How does a bird relate to an airplane or a rocket?  How does baby’s blocks relate to quarks and molecules? Using very simple words and illustrations, Spiro cuts to the heart of these similarities in a board book of all things.  I showed these books to my 8th grade science teachers and they went gaga over them!  This was exactly what they were looking for to demonstrate these concepts to their students.  Now they are eagerly waiting for me to buy copies for them and catalog them so that they can have them to use in their classrooms.  So they are worth a look almost any science classroom."

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