Announcing a Deal! MAXINE AND MILTON by Ruth Spiro

I'm so pleased to announce the sale of  Ruth Spiro's MAXINE AND MILTON picture book series!  Ruth is also the author of the BABY LOVES series, out this month.  In this new series, Ruth has created a marvelous new main character -- Maxine, who is a Maker.  She likes to create things, but not in a crafty sense.  She prefers gears to googly eyes and circuits to coloring books.  And for Maxine, there’s nothing better than a problem to solve.  With her beloved companion and muse, a goldfish named Milton, she deconstructs and reconstructs, tweaks and hacks – Maxine can make anything better with a little elbow grease and her know-how.

When Maxine invites Milton to march with her in the class Pet Parade, he’s bubbling with excitement. (Being a goldfish, he doesn’t get out much.)  There’s just one hitch: marching doesn’t come naturally for a fish, even one as cool as Milton.  Maxine is undeterred – she must use her powers of invention, and maker know-how, to create a way for Milton to take part.  But this hack may be the toughest one yet…

MAXINE & MILTON celebrates one girl’s smart, determined approach to solving problems.  I love that Maxine is a maker – never happier than when she’s tinkering with machines and technology – but she’s more than a modern day Rube Goldberg.  Maxine is a good friend too, dedicated to including Milton not just because it’s an opportunity to invent, but because she loves him.

We're so excited about working with Holly Hatam on this book, and can't wait to see how she brings Maxine to life!

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