Query Hold

Some news to share.  I am closing queries as of next Monday, December 19th, and will open again in mid-January.  I’ll respond to anything I receive in the next week, but any queries that arrive after that date will get an automatic response, asking you to re-query me again in January.

Closing queries gives me the opportunity to get things in order – a mid-winter house cleaning of sorts.  I love the idea of starting the new year with a clean slate, and doing this will improve my response time to both queries and the full manuscripts I’ve requested.

I’m definitely looking for new clients in 2012, so don’t worry.  Thanks for understanding and I can’t wait to see what will arrive in my queries in-box in January! 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Susan,
    Does being closed to queries mean that you are also closed to receiving material that you requested at conferences in the fall?